Ethically & sustainably produced quality garden gifts and products.

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We support ethically and sustainably produced quality products that will last.

Our products are made by people who genuinely think & care about what they are doing.

We recycle our packaging and use recycled packaging materials and paper tape. We don’t use or stock plastic products where we can avoid them. Some products may sell well but we don’t have them if they contain lots of plastic or result in damage to the environment. We even bank with an ethical bank too, all in line with our ethical and environmental policy.


From our range…

Garden Aprons


Sussex Trugs

Japanese Tools

Sheffield Knives


Breton Baskets

Knives & Saws


Tool belts


Nest Boxes

Creeper & Knotweed

Old fashioned quality

Old fashioned quality and good customer service are rare these days. That’s why we only sell the best quality we can find which often relates to the traditional way that they have always been made. Creeper & Knotweed are delighted that our customer experience is second to none too, call it old fashioned but here customers really do matter and are valued.

a better life

Buy less – buy better

We believe that our products are an investment for a better life.
Made well, with eco friendly practices and designed to last much longer.
As well as sharing great products with you, we’re also endeavouring to retail products that are kinder to the environment. Products that also have a real meaning and which can create good memories. 

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