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Beautiful & functional.
Designed with passion and made of consciously selected materials..

Our Garden Aprons


About our Garden Aprons.

When it comes to garden aprons we have the finest.
Our aprons are designed and made especially for gardeners and florists. Each one is hand made by artisans in the UK or in Europe with unique features as described on the product pages. Take for example a hidden mobile phone pocket in the Olive & Ivy and Olive & Pebble aprons or maybe comfy cross over shoulder straps are more your thing as in The Gardening/Florists Apron.
Whatever your style and size from full length to waist aprons, we have you covered.
When it comes to quality too, it perhaps goes without saying that we haven’t discovered better and it’s true to say that before some of our range was made there wasn’t anything available like it…

Stylish, practical and hard wearing

As you would expect from a quality gardeners’ apron, whilst being stylish they’re also fit for their purpose. Made from strong, durable and hardwearing fabrics like Khaki Cotton, Denim, Hemp and Eco Waxed Cotton, these aprons are both practical and hard wearing.

Age beautifully

All of our gardening aprons are designed and use materials to last and to age beautifully when looked after.
Please see our details of care on the product page.

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A beautiful, rustic looking apron

We’re pleased to offer two beautiful, rustic looking aprons in our range which feature practical waxed pockets to protect your clothes and belongings from getting wet or dirty.
The Olive & Ivy and Olive & Pebble aprons are also designed to ensure you are able to move freely.
These handmade waist aprons are made of Scottish eco cotton and hemp and of note they include long straps which tie at the front. Check out all of the features and details of these beautiful aprons, designed for the gardener.

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