Best Garden Gifts for Gardeners

Best Garden Gifts for Gardeners

best: adjective

of the most excellent or desirable type or quality

It’s a question many people search an answer for, ‘best garden gift?’ and of course the answer is quite subjective.
We can only tell you what we believe and you will be pleased to hear we firmly believe that the best at Creeper & Knotweed really does mean excellence in quality, value, practicality and of course desirability.

So when it comes to choosing something to show you as ‘the best’ from our ranges it suddenly becomes an impossible task, because we feel all of our garden gifts qualify to be in this category. All our products are carefully selected for gardeners and reflect our high standard and values of being both ethical and environmentally sound. Of course we do have to show you something, so here’s a look at just a selection of our best garden gifts.


Gardeners Aprons

Gardeners Aprons from £24.99 to £140.00

Our Garden Aprons range includes aprons that have been designed especially for the gardener, these are the highest quality and most durable aprons available, all are individually made here in the UK by a small specialist company.
Creeper & Knotweed has the largest choice of quality aprons and styles for gardeners that you will find anywhere ranging from Luxury Aprons for adults and children to a more everyday Work or Vintage Style gardening apron.

Expect to be spoilt for the best choice so whatever your taste and style, waist to full length aprons, we believe we have you well covered. 


Gardeners Aprons

Sneeboer Garden Tools

Sneeboer Garden Tools from £35.00 to £118.00

Many gardeners will already know that when it comes to gardening tools there is none better in the world than the finest quality that is Sneeboer.
We have selected a lovely range of Sneeboer Tools that includes tools featuring beautiful Cherry Wood Handles.
Sneeboer tools are made with rare old fashioned craftsmanship, built to last too because often garden tools need to take a beating.
Many products are made mechanically these days, that’s often faster and cheaper, but not durable. Sturdiness is important to the quality of our Sneeboer & Zn garden tools. That’s why we are delighted to bring you these superb hand forged traditional garden tools which are quite simply the best.



Sneeboer In Stock

Sussex Trugs


John Carnell at work

Sussex Trugs from £39.00 to £80.00 Sizes 1-6

We have something very special with our Sussex Trugs not least because they are completely hand crafted in Sussex by master trug maker John Carnell.
For over forty years John has been making Sussex Trugs using traditional methods. Others now use bandsaws to cut the willow panels whereas notably John still cleaves them by hand using a froe.
Now in his 80s, John is the last of the Sussex trug makers to make his trugs entirely by hand. So when John finally lays down his tools it really will be an end of an era.

Our Sussex Trugs are available in sizes 1 to 6.  From 8×6″ for size 1 through to the substantial 21×12″ of size 6 and all sizes in between, each trug has the approximate measurement details listed on the product page.

See our Sussex Trug info. page here.

Sussex Trugs

National Trust Wildlife Gifts

National Trust Wildlife Gifts from £35.00 to £118.00

If you appreciate wildlife you will love our National Trust Wildlife garden gifts range which is focused on wildlife conservation for your own garden. It features ranges called ‘Stourhead’ and ‘Wicken Fen’ which are complimented with a ‘Childrens’ range.
Here you can encourage wildlife into the garden with everything from Swing Bird feeders through to Birds Bees and Bugs Hotels.

See our Wildlife in the Garden info. page here.



National Trust Wildlife



Gardeners Skincare

Gardening Skincare Gift Box. Contains Gardeners hand scrub with its minty freshness

Gardeners Skincare from £13.50 to £16.00

A small, beautiful, and natural range of skincare products that are ideal for the gardener. All are freshly handmade in the UK in Cornwall and are intrinsically natural with high quality ingredients such as beeswax, essential oils, infused oils, honey and flower waters.
Inspired by old country recipes that have been handed down over the years, all recipes are safety assessed & certified by a qualified pharmacist.
Of note, this range has recently seen changes to remove plastic bottles and replace them with recycled glass.
Superb gifts, which you may even wish to keep for yourself!


Gardeners Skincare