Our Ethical & Environmental Policy

In a world that is so troubled by ethical and environmental issues we thought you would like to know exactly where we stand at Creeper & Knotweed.

Our Policy 

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Ethical & Environmental Policy

We genuinely endeavour to make sure all of our thingamabobs for gardeners are responsibly sourced, are sustainable and processed with awareness to any potential environmental impact.

Our products are thoughtful, unique and natural as far as and wherever possible. No animal testing. We avoid the use of plastics and will certainly not retail any goods with a high percentage of plastic, we’re happy to be virtually plastic free! 

avoiding activities or organisations that do harm to people, animals or the environment

We’re working with our selected suppliers in continually improving our ethical and environmental performance whilst conserving energy and other resources wherever possible, essentially avoiding activities or organisations that do harm to people, animals or the environment. We won’t even deal with suppliers that are not particularly nice to people, directly or indirectly! As a result our business and our customers remain happy.
We’re proud to support British business, artisans and makers where possible, not least because buying locally results in a smaller carbon footprint. Many items are global these days, so when we import items you can be sure they are also fairly made, of the highest standards and meet our ethical and environmental policy requirements.

Many of our products are eco friendly, handmade, use natural ingredients and are organic. We recycle our packaging and use recycled packaging materials. We bank with an ethical bank too, in line with our policy. 

We’re building our independant store and whilst maintaining reliability and quality we’re always using the best ethical and environmental practices throughout, because we understand the need to protect the future of our planet.

Thank you for getting this far and for taking the time to read what we consider to be an important element of our business.

Our Pledge for Charity

As part of our policy Creeper & Knotweed pledge to donate 5% of our profits to The Christie Charitable Fund, Manchester. The Christie charity supports leading treatments, outstanding care and the opportunity for the best outcomes by funding cancer research, new facilities, high-tech equipment and extra patient services, helping cancer patients both cope with and survive cancer.

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