Garden Gifts

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies.
We know and understand the joy, sanctuary and wellbeing that a garden provides, it’s simple, and yet incredibly important.
That’s why we’re here with our unique range of garden gifts.
Gifts and presents for everyone that loves the garden and is looking for something that is special with a certain quality in mind.

Creeper & Knotweed Garden Gifts

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Garden Gifts

Gardening is our passion, Creeper & Knotweed was born from it, so it’s perhaps understandable why we want to share our unique collection of garden gifts with you.

Perhaps we’re a little old fashioned in that the concentration throughout is on quality, great service and ethics, favouring the made over the manufactured.

Our garden gifts are sourced from ethical suppliers who create amazing garden related products using ethical methods and materials in an environmentally sound manner.
A policy to bring you an unparalleled collection of what we believe are some simply outstanding garden gifts and importantly for all pockets too.

Garden Gifts made to last

We appreciate gardeners tend to be savvy, so when it comes to pleasing even perhaps the most discerning gardeners we have a great choice for a personal treat, present or gift. Take our Sneeboer range of garden tools for example, practical garden gifts that will last a lifetime. You will find that In our Sneeboer range many feature beautiful Cherrywood handles for that something extra special.
Sneeboer encompasses what we’re all about really, enduring quality garden thingamabobs, traditionally made by craftsmen and especially for gardeners.

Sneeboer In Stock

Gardeners love our garden gifts

We know how much gardener’s love and appreciate our garden gifts because we’re constantly getting valuable feedback from our customers, if you would like to see a sample of what our customers are saying about us please see here.

Gardener’s are also telling us they love our site which is lovely to hear and a fitting reward for the hard work we put in. As well as offering a great choice of gifts for gardeners we take pride in everything we sell and try our best to offer what we believe gardening folk will love.

Breton Wire baskets

Supporting Artisans and quality craftsmanship

We’re especially delighted to offer very special and beautiful English products in our garden gifts range. Our Sussex Garden Trugs are completely hand crafted in Sussex by a master trug maker.

For over forty years he has been making Sussex Trugs using only traditional methods, so it brings us great pleasure to offer these unique garden gifts to compliment our growing range from our family of artisans. All of which are extremely appreciative of your support though shopping with us here at Creeper & Knotweed.

Sussex Trugs Range

About our Garden Gifts range

We’re only able to show a brief and hopefully tantalising glimpse into our garden gifts range on this page.
Explore our site further and discover for yourself why we are fast becoming the go to place for anyone who loves the garden.

We’re constantly updating and adding to our ranges so please be sure to check back soon!

We love to hear from you! Please get in touch if you have any feedback about our site or garden gifts and why not subscribe to our infrequent news letter and be the first to know about offers and noteworthy developments!

Spotted an issue with our site? Please let us know, most obliged!

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All that is great about the garden

Creeper & Knotweed is truly home to all that is great about the garden. It’s an exciting online shop brimming with unusual and quality gifts for gardeners.

“For a long long time, the internet was lacking a splendid shop with the most beautiful garden thingamabobs.
Lovely gifts for gardeners; perfect presents for those that love the garden.
Then along came Creeper & Knotweed, home to all that is great about the garden.
A unique online emporium selling the most wonderful gifts especially for the good gardening folk.”

Creeper & Knotweed.

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Ethical & Environmental Policy

We endeavour to make sure our garden gift products are responsibly sourced, sustainable and processed with awareness to any potential environmental impact.
We’re working with our ethical suppliers in continually improving the environmental performance whilst conserving energy and other resources wherever possible, avoiding activities or organisations that do harm to people or the environment

As part of our policy Creeper & Knotweed pledge to donate 5% of our profits to The Christie Charitable Fund, Manchester. The Christie charity supports leading treatments, outstanding care and the opportunity for the best outcomes by funding cancer research, new facilities, high-tech equipment and extra patient services, helping cancer patients both cope with and survive cancer.

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