Gardeners Oast Aprons

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
Handmade by an artisan producer in the heart of Kent, this simple but stylish apron design allows you to keep those gardening essentials close to hand and ready for action.

Our Exclusive
Gardeners ‘Oast’ Aprons

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Designed and made exclusively for Creeper & Knotweed.
We have worked closely with our supplier to create these new and rather unique gardening aprons. Worn as a waist apron they are perfect for potting and pottering in and around the garden or allotment and for getting creative whilst having all those gardening essentials close to hand. 

The gardeners ‘Oast’ aprons are exclusive to Creeper & Knotweed.

Available in Mushroom and Taupe the gardeners Oast aprons are built to last with hard wearing sturdy canvas, whilst being very easy to wear. The aprons feature three double lined pockets at the front which are finished with a striped edging containing a palette of complementary colour stripes. Marigold orange is featured in the stripe detail to complement the warm tones of the main apron.
This apron is certainly for you if you like the practical and uncomplicated route to gardening.

Gardeners ‘Oast’ Apron in Mushroom Canvas

A stylish, simple design in a sturdy mushroom canvas featuring three handy pockets.
The Oast gardeners apron is finished with a colourful striped edging and extra long ties making it an easy to wear piece for all.
Those looking to purchase as a present will also be pleased to know that each Oast apron is beautifully gift wrapped in brown recyclable kraft paper and ribbon before despatch. Quality and care abounds.

Mushroom Gardeners Oast Apron

Gardeners ‘Oast’ Apron in Taupe Canvas

The same stylish and simple design as the gardeners Oast Mushroom canvas apron. This gardeners Oast apron waist apron in sturdy Taupe canvas really is ideal for keeping all the bits and bobs needed for gardening close to hand. Featuring three double lined pockets with stitching at the top which reinforces it’s strength to avoid tearing. The colourful striped edging adds the finishing touch to a well designed apron which is beautifully handmade in the UK.

Taupe gardeners Oast Apron

Handmade in Kent

When it comes to gardening and aprons we have you covered. Our exclusive gardeners ‘Oast’ aprons are each handmade in a sturdy medium weight cotton canvas.

The aprons feature three double lined pockets to the front which are finished along the top with a complimentary coloured stripe edging, which is stitched to aid reinforcement and thus resist tearing.

The aprons have extra long ties making them easy to wear for all. Wash at 30 degrees-as per the care label tucked inside the pocket.

Handmade in Kent, the garden of England, these aprons are made to make gardening easy by simply having all you need to hand.

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