Garden Gifts 

Creeper & Knotweed has cultivated a range of garden gifts which is quite unique.
Ethical and sustainable quality products for gardeners.
Browse through our site and you will discover many unusual gardening gifts and presents.
We've featured just some of them here to help you on your journey to find something that is unique and special whilst also being as kind to our planet as possible.

Sneeboer & Zn 

Our range of Sneeboer Garden Tools includes tools featuring beautiful Cherry Wood handles. 
Made with rare old fashioned craftsmanship, these tools are built to last because often garden tools need to take a beating. Many products are made mechanically, that’s often faster and cheaper, but not durable.
We're delighted to bring you these superb hand forged  traditional garden tools.

Garden Knives and Saws

Almost every gardener has a garden/pruning knife and for many people they become something of a companion over the years.
We’re delighted to have famous, historical and traditional names in our Garden Knives, Saws and Multi-Tool range. Like the traditional George Wostenholm or Joseph Rodgers Sheffield made knives.Also see our various gardening & pruning knives and saws from the master tool maker Opinel, plus we’ve now introduced the popular Leatherman Multi-Tool. 

Garden Aprons

Our aprons are designed and made especially for gardeners and florists. Each one is hand made by artisans in the UK or in Europe with unique features as described on the product pages. Take for example a hidden mobile phone pocket in the Olive & Ivy and Olive & Pebble aprons or maybe comfy cross over shoulder straps are more your thing as in The Gardening/Florists Apron.
Whatever your style and size from full length to waist aprons, we have you covered.

Garden Sundries

It's certainly worthwhile exploring our range of Garden Sundries.
Thingamajigs and garden sundries that gardeners love to use and enjoy. 
Don't miss our new ranges which include quality Tool Belts & Pockets which are made in Sweden and you can even get the look with our new braces for gardeners too!
We're constantly adding to this area so check back soon.

Gardening Utensils

We're literally growing a collection of really useful gardening utensils. From the very popular, must have, Vintage Style Gardeners Scissors to Seed Collecting Kits and Seed Envelopes.
We have Pot Brushes for easily cleaning pots (relief), plus there are beautifully made Acorn Cane Toppers and other gardening essentials that every gardener needs but perhaps doesn't even realise.

Handmade Wooden Nest Boxes

Enjoy the rewards of attracting wild birds into your own garden with a beautiful safe and effective bird nest box that has been carefully hand crafted here in the UK.
All gardens can offer nest boxes for small birds. Even the tiniest gardens should have a box or two, and the larger your garden the more you can provide and the greater the variety of birds you will attract. 

Sussex Trugs

Quintessentially English, a traditional Sussex Trug is the perfect way to harvest or display summer’s bounty, from picking flowers from the garden to gathering your delicious fruit and vegetables.
We are especially delighted to offer these very special traditional Sussex Garden Trugs, hand made by a master trug maker much as he has been doing for over 40 years from his Sussex workshop. 

Breton Wire Baskets

T he 'real basket of yesteryear'. Perfect Quality, sturdy and genuine Breton Wire Baskets, which are still being completely hand crafted as they have been for generations in Breton by a small artisan company -Ets Aert-Fil.
These sturdy wire baskets (Panier & Resse with side handles) belong so much to the garden that once owned they are considered indispensable..

Gardening Skincare

Freshly handmade in the UK these skincare products for gardening and life  are intrinsically natural with high quality ingredients such as beeswax, essential oils, infused oils, honey and flower waters. Inspired by old country recipes that have been handed down over the years all recipes are safety assessed & certified by a qualified pharmacist.
Superb gifts, which you may even wish to keep for yourself!