The Monty DonTrowel

The Sneeboer Planting Trowel Old Dutch Style

27cm Ash Handle • 14cm Ash Handle • 14cm Cherry Handle

Sneeboer Planting Trowel Old Dutch Style – 27cm  Ash Handle © Creeper & Knotweed

People often ask what is Monty’s Trowel?

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We’re quite often asked what is Monty Dons’ favourite trowel? As many gardeners have seen him using the distinctive trowel on the BBC Gardener’s World TV programme.
The Sneeboer Planting Trowel Old Dutch Style – 27cm Ash handle is now widely known as Monty Dons’ favourite trowel, and it’s become firm favourite with gardeners and our customers are no exception.
It comes with all the quality, performance and longevity you would expect from a Sneeboer tool and so far it’s one of our highest and most rated and raved about products in our reviews!
This popular Sneeboer Trowel has sharp sides and a pointed end allowing you to cut easily through the soil for all your planting and gardening needs. Use it for planting bulbs, seedlings and small plants or use the large head for breaking and turning the soil. The trowel can even be used to separate smaller perennials.
The forged stainless steel head will stay sharp and like all Sneeboer tools provide you with a lifetime of service.
Do please remember only this is the genuine (Monty Don) trowel as made by Sneeboer, sadly we have seen cheap imitations out there.

More about the Sneeboer Planting  Trowel Old Dutch style

Sneeboer Planting Trowel-Old Dutch Style ©

27cm Ash Handle.

This remarkable tool has a choice of handles, a firm favourite is this 27cm Ash Wood Handle as used by Monty Don and seen on Gardeners World.  

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Sneeboer Planting Trowel Old Dutch Style with Ash handle ©

14cm Ash Handle.

Becoming increasingly popular and a good fit for all size hands is the 14cm Ash Wood Handle version which features exactly the same trowel head as the 27cm version.

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Sneeboer Planting Trowel Old Dutch Style with Cherry wood handle ©

14cm Cherry Handle.

Another popular choice, the 14cm Cherry Wood Handle also has the same head as the 27cm Ash Handle version. This is also a good fit for all hand sizes and features the Sneeboer logo engraved into it. A special trowel for any gardener.

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