New Arrivals

Meet and greet our New Arrivals!
We're constantly adding to our ranges of quality, ethical and sustainable gifts and products especially for gardeners.
Here are some of the latest exciting thingamabobs to join our family, feel free to wander around our site and be sure to discover much more.

Japanese Perfection

More Japanese perfection for our keen gardeners.
The special
edition Yamakawa Secateurs from Yamakawa San, joined by the irresistible Niwaki Rattan S-Type Secateurs.


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Perfection… perfect for keen gardeners

Victorian Inspired Cloches

Exceptional quality Claverton Cloches inspired by Victorian design from the late 1800s, each cloche is handcrafted to last a lifetime.
Adding a touch of excellence with the tradition and elegance of the Victorian era.

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Made to last.
Cast from sturdy iron & carefully assembled with horticultural glass using traditional methods in Bath England

Tough garden tool bags

Garden tool and accessories bags in a waxed canvas, made especially for the gardener. 1 central 15L compartment with 8 side pockets.

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Flower Scissors

Perfect for cut flowers in the greenhouse, conservatory, garden and kitchen.
Capable of handling a bit of woody pruning too, should you find yourself a little off-piste.

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Denim Aprons

A range of garden waist aprons in vintage denim.
Light and easy to wear.
5 convenient pockets for all those bits and bobs. 3 large pockets and a central pocket for 2/3 useful tools.

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Exciting New Sneeboer Tools

As gardeners ourselves we’re so excited about our new Sneeboer additions, complementing our outstanding range of the worlds finest garden tools.
Unrivaled tools, sometimes copied, but never near the legendary quality of Sneeboer tools.

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Our customers demand the highest quality and of course we are pleased to deliver, quality both in products and service.
Thank you for your support.

Masterly Crafted

Our latest exclusive Sheffield Garden Knife.
The masterly crafted Broad Pruning Knife – featuring Buffalo scales. 

Limited availability. 

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Sheffields’ Finest


Introducing the brilliant Niwaki GR 210 Folding Saw and the new Niwaki Mini Crean Mate

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Great products for Gardeners!

Only the finest

New additions to our Sheffield Garden Kives include this beautiful I.XL George Wostenholm Rosewood pruning knife and the finest sharpening steels

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Niwaki Mini S-Type Hori Hori

The Mini S-Type Hori Hori is ideal for smaller scale weeding and planting, the stainless steel blade of the Mini Hori is absolutely perfect for alpines, house plants, succulents and in place of a dibber, great for pricking out seedlings too.

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Must haves for gardeners

When our customers tell us we’re missing some really must haves for gardeners, we listen

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More must haves for gardeners!

Even more Sneeboer

Without doubt the best gardening tools you will ever use, that’s why were we love to keep adding to our large range.
Sneeboer – tools for life and generations to come

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Traditional Wooden Sieves & Riddles

We’re delighted to have such a beautiful range of these wonderfully special heritage sieves & riddles, handcrafted traditionally in England by a master craftsman

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When you imagine a potting shed or potting bench you will probably also imagine handmade traditional wooden sieves and riddles as used by gardeners in days gone by.

New Wooden Garden Labels

We’re thrilled to have at last found quality sustainable (white birch) wooden labels, in all shapes and sizes. 
Time to be more green and ditch the plastic!

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Latest from Opinel

A welcome addition as we forage around to expand our thingamabobs for gardening folk.
Here’s a few more Opinel products of note!

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We’re so pleased to offer a new range of these wonderful Japanese Garden Tools, that will satisfy every gardener…
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Japanese Garden Tools

Japanese Garden Tools are well considered, simple in design, precision and function.
That’s why many gardeners in the UK have grown to love the efficiency and ease of use with such garden tools.

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Latest in from Sneeboer

We are so pleased to add these Sneeboer Garden tools to our large range. Exactly what our customers have been asking us for!

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A Unique Sheffield Garden Knife Collection

New additions to form a unique collection. Resulting in the absolute pinnacle in garden knife knife manufacture with our garden knives now traditionally made for us in Sheffield.
Joseph Rodgers (est. 1764) and George Wostenholm (est. 1785) are possibly the most famous names in Sheffield cutlery and knife manufacturing. Some of these traditional, handmade, folding pocket knives will have been carried by the gardeners of  Victorian Britain’s grand houses.

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These traditional, handmade, folding pocket knives will have been carried by the gardeners of  Victorian Britain’s grand houses..