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The Breton Wire Basket – Panier & Resse

We’re so delighted to have discovered the ‘real basket of yesteryear’…
Quality, sturdy and genuine Breton Wire Baskets, which are still being completely hand crafted as they have been for generations in Breton by a small artisan company.
These sturdy wire baskets (Panier & Resse) belong so much to the garden that once owned they are considered indispensable. Every gardener will find these so useful for carrying stuff around, tools, flowers, cuttings, the bounty of your allotment or they are ideal for carrying picnics, logs etc. and displaying or storage in the home.

Unlike these, so many baskets come from the Far East these days but they hardly outlive the journey time! However the robust Panier & Resse were originally crafted for hard use on Breton fields and seashell beaches.
Each is inspired by a simple beauty that only such quality and outstanding craftsmanship can achieve.

Exclusive in the UK to Creeper & Knotweed