The National Trust Wildlife Garden Range 

The focus is on wildlife conservation with the National Trust Wildlife Range.
Featuring The Stourhead and Wicken Fen ranges complimented by an educational Children's range

Stourhead Range

This contemporary product range for the National Trust is Inspired by Stourhead's 1,060 hectare countryside estate, home to a variety of wildlife including the tree sparrow and 11 out of 18 UK species of bat.

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Wicken Fen Range

the Wicken Fen rustic range is influenced by the national Trust's oldest nature reserve, Wicken Fen.
Home to over 9,000 recorded species of bat.

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Children's Range

Encourage and educate children with these Butterfly and Bug House Kits. Educational insect habitats that attract butterflies and bugs to the garden for learning, study, or simply for the benefits of plant pollination.

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