Breton Wire Basket (Panier) – Extra Large 30 Litres


The largest size Panier is appropriately robust in construction.
These wire baskets are completely hand crafted in Breton as they have been since 1923 by a small artisan company. These superb galvanised wire garden baskets (Paniers) are a truly successful synergy between the old and the new.
Originally crafted for hard use on Breton fields and seashell beaches, each is inspired by a simple beauty that only outstanding craftsmanship can achieve.

A requisite for every gardener, consummate for carrying all the gardening thingamabobs or the bounty of your allotment and perfect for displaying and storage in the home.

Exclusive in the UK to Creeper & Knotweed.

Product information

  • Galvanised iron wire – single twist
  • Wooden handle – beech or ash
  • Mesh size 15 mm
  • Length 56 cm
  • Width 34 cm
  • Height 20 cm (height without the handle, with the handle height 40 cm)
  • Weight approx. 1.390kg

Size may vary slightly with handmade products

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