Niwaki Rattan S-Type Secateurs


Niwaki Rattan S-Type secateurs are Limited Edition and are distinguished in several ways – they’re forged from S58C carbon steel, a premium, hard wearing steel that retains its edge well and sharpens easily. The design is a combination of the two traditional Japanese secateur designs, A and B Types, offering perfect ergonomics of grip and balance for long use. Handles are wrapped with Wisteria rattan, that not only looks brilliant but also provides a natural, textured grip that feels great in the hand.

Limited production batches – so lead time can be lengthy – and they are presented in a kiribako Paulownia wood box, (often used by Japanese for storing important items) making an exceptional gift.

As a natural material, rattan should be treated a step more carefully than regular secateurs – not bashed about, not left out in the rain overnight (not a good idea, for any tools, incidentally…) and generally looked after. In particular, don’t fold the secateur lock catch inside the handle, or use with it half out, as this can wear and snag the rattan.

Product information

  • 232g
  • Wisteria Rattan handles
  • Max cut Ø15mm
  • S58C Carbon Steel
  • Made in Sanjo, Japan
  • Includes Spare Spring

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