Niwaki Sharpening Stone (Whetstone) #220 Grit


Sharpening Stone #220 Grit: Coarse for rough blades.

One of three available Sharpening Stones for keeping your garden tools nice and sharp. #220 Grit: Coarse for rough blades, #1000 Grit: Fine for regular sharpening, & #3000 Grit: Super fine for honing and detailed work.

The Sharpening Stone is designed for keeping your secateurs sharp but it’s also ideal for Shears, Topiary Clippers and other garden tools that require sharpening.
It has a concave edge which follows the curve of the blade perfectly, plus these are able to get right into tight spots.

Soak thoroughly before use.

Product information

  • #220 Grit: Coarse for rough blades
  • 136g
  • 131 x 20 x 23mm
  • Made in Osaka, Japan

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