Okatsune Secateurs – Standard – No.103


Okatsune Secateurs have all the requirements of great secateurs, simple sharp and strong. Being a popular choice for many gardeners both here and in Japan.
Western secateur brands depend on cushioning and gearing for a smooth feel, whilst these have a more direct action which results in an efficient and clean cut.
There is a large chunky catch at the bottom of these that’s easy to use even with muddy gloves or cold wet hands, which has a nice crisp action.
The spring is secured well ensuring it will never accidentally pop out.
The handles are red and white. Red shows up in daylight and white more especially in the evenings and into the night.

Standard size fits most gardeners.

Product information

  • Standard No.103
  • 230g
  • 202 x 46 x 21mm
  • 55mm blades
  • Max cut 15mm
  • Hitachi Carbon Steel
  • Includes Spare Spring
  • Red and White Handles

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