Remember When…


Sometimes the small moments are the ones worth saving and this ‘remember when …’ tag book is a fun way to do just that.

Think everyday moments, snippets of days gone by and fun times – the little details between the bigger events. Write them down and tie up your tiny tag book with ribbon before popping it back in the gift box to give as a gift.

Perhaps you could give this to your now grown up child, filled with mini moments of their childhood or to your friend, filled with the fun times you have shared. There are endless possibilities and you can make the tiny book even more personal by punching, clipping, taping or gluing small extras such as tickets or tiny photographs to add extra elements or popping tiny mementos into the gift box.

• 2 wooden covers measuring 4x7cm
• 5 kraft + 10 printed pages measuring 4x7cm
• satin ribbon measuring 30cm
• wooden pencil
• gift box measuring 6x9x1.5cm