Sneeboer Hand Garden Rake 5t- Cherry Handle


The Sneeboer hand rake is perfect for tidying up and preparing small areas to seed, to collect material and to crumble the soil. This allows for better aeration of the soil and for improved mixing of compost or other soil enhancers. The tines are forged, sharpened and bent inwards to improve the push-and-pull motion. The hand garden rake is also the perfect tool to clean up the garden with precision as you are working close to the ground.

Product Information

    • Cherry wood handle
    • Width of head 11 cm
    • Length of head 23 cm
    • Length of handle 14 cm
    • Total length 35 cm
    • Number of tines 5
    • Length of tines 6.5cm
    • Between tines 2 cm
    • Weight 0.32kg

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