Sneeboer Handspade – 42 cm Handle


The new Sneeboer Handspade is used for digging and repotting, also for dividing plants and digging small holes.
This small spade (like the perennial spade) is ideally suited for use by gardeners who often work on their knees or who find a normal spade too large and heavy. It’s fortitude lies in its strong stainless steel blade. We use this ourselves and are really excited by it, excellent to use, weighted and balanced just right, fast in becoming a must have tool, little wonder then that the design is registered.

The blade is hand shaped and sharpened by the skilled hands of Sneeboer’s master craftsmen, a tradition for which Sneeboer tools are known.
The result is a blade that glides effortlessly through the ground and makes your garden chores a piece of cake. The Handspade is not only a beautiful work of art, but with a thickness of 3mm stainless steel it is also a robust tool for your garden or allotment.

The blade of the hand spade also has a longitudinal bulge to prevent breakage. In addition, the blade is mounted at an ideal angle with the Ash wood T-handle, which makes the handspade easier to use.
All things considered, this Handspade is simply outstanding.

Product information

  • Hand forged & sharpened stainless steel blade
  • FSC Certified Wood Ash Handle
  • Width of blade 13 cm
  • Length of blade 14.5 cm
  • Length of handle 42 cm
  • Total length 58 cm
  • Weight 0.75kg

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