Sneeboer Planting Line and Dibber – Cherrywood Handle


The Planting Line and Dibber set enables you to dig trenches in a straight line for sowing seeds and for example marking out for turf cutting.
Useful around the garden and allotment.
It is also useful as a pair of beautiful dibbers, ideal for quickly making a hole in the ground for seeds and bulbs.
This unusual shaped Sneeboer dibber is a joy to use, the Cherrywood handle fits comfortably in the hand and it comes with a sharp stainless steel spike. Designed to quickly plunge to the desired depth and width, it’s useful when planting multiple seeds and bulbs.the sharp stainless steel point sticks easily into the ground and the cherry wood handle gives the dibber a graceful, comfortable grip. So just add your string and you have two tools in one.

Product information:

  • Hand forged stainless steel head
  • FSC Certified Cherry wood Handle
  • Width of head 3 cm
  • Length of head 13 cm
  • Length of handle 25.5 cm
  • Total length 38.5 cm
  • Weight 0.4 kg

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