Sneeboer Potting Trowel – Cherry Wood- left handed


This unique Sneeboer potting trowel was designed by Sneeboer to help gardeners fill plant pots and flower boxes much more easily than the usual method, thus avoiding spilling compost everywhere. The shape of the blade and its position in relation to the handle allows the user to scoop up material with precision and deposit it in a container of any size without spilling. Because of the curve in the blade, the potting trowel can also be used to transplant small plants and it’s also very handy in removing roots that have grown into the porous walls of pottery.
Available in left and right handed versions.

Product Information

    • Left handed version
    • Cherry wood handle
    • Width of head 5.5 cm
    • Length of head 12 cm
    • Length of handle 14 cm
    • Total length 27 cm
    • Weight 0.18 kg

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