Sneeboer Tissot Trowel – Cherry Handle


The sharp V-shaped blade on the Tissot Trowel is perfect for digging out deep rooted plants in hard or compacted soils. It’s small, manageable size allows you to work easily with precision in between other plants without damaging what’s around you. The distinct design of this towel makes it the ideal tool for transplanting small plants and produce.

The Tissot trowel is named after Gabrielle Tissot who contacted Sneeboer with the request to produce a smaller, more manageable version of the transplanting spade. She was looking for a tool with which she could divide and transplant plants while working close to the ground and the result was a trowel named after her!

Product Information

    • Cherry wood handle
    • Width of head 9 cm
    • Length of head 17 cm
    • Length of handle 14 cm
    • Total length 33 cm
    • Weight 0.28 kg

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