Sneeboer Weeding Fork 2t – Cherry Handle


Made to fight weeds and extremely effective this two-pronged Sneeboer weeder loosens the earth around the roots enabling the weeds to be removed with ease. With a cherry wood handle. “A very sturdy piece of equipment which will help with the removal of all but the deepest rooted, earth-bound weeds.”

The dual prongs of the weeder form an effective twin spearhead against weeds, driving through and loosening even the most magnetic of clay soil and allowing tap rooted weeds to be removed completely.

Product information

  • Hand forged stainless steel prongues
  • FSC Certified Cherry wood handle
  • Width of head 4 cm
  • Length of head 16 cm
  • Length of handle 14 cm
  • Total length 31cm
  • Number of tines 2
  • between tines 2.5 cm
  • Weight 0.2kg

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