Sussex Garden Trug – No. 2


There is something about a traditional Sussex Trug that instantly conjures up an image of a romantic English garden. The wooden trug and the garden seemingly belong together.
These Sussex Garden Trugs are the real thing, hand crafted (and signed) by a master trug maker in the heart of Sussex.
Using the same willow as used in cricket bats, each trug is complemented by sweet chestnut for the rims and handles.

40 years of trug making experience goes into each trug, the traditional methods giving each one its individual character. When looked after these trugs will last for many years to come.

Gardeners will also know just how really useful these genuine Sussex trugs are around the garden or allotment.

  • Genuine Sussex Garden Trug
  • Same willow as used in cricket bats
  • Sweet chestnut – rims and handles
  • Made by a master trug maker in Sussex, England

Size: No.2
Dimensions: 10 x 6.75″

Made in Britain

In stock