Sussex Trug – No. 1


Quintessentially English, a traditional Sussex Trug is the perfect way to harvest or display summer’s bounty, from picking flowers from the garden to gathering your delicious fruit and vegetables.

We are especially delighted to offer these very special traditional Sussex Garden Trugs, hand made by the master trug maker John Carnell.
John is the last of the Sussex trug makers to make these completely by hand. Notably others now use bandsaws to cut the willow panels, whereas John still cleaves them as they were traditionally made, by hand using a froe.

The panels are cleaved out of white willow and the chestnut used for the handles and frames is worked in the same way whilst still green. These are all then shaped with a drawknife on a workhorse. The chestnut has to be steamed and formed into the handles and frames of varying sizes. The willow panels are soaked in water so that they can be shaped to fit the frames as the trugs are assembled.

Available in all sizes 1 – 6

Size: No.1
Dimensions: 8×6″

Made in Britain

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