Sneeboer Tools Maintenance

It’s an honour to supply the worlds best garden tools for you and it is our wish that you enjoy them for a long long time.

Look after your Sneeboer
Garden Tools 


How to maintain your Sneeboer tools.

Before first use:

Treat everything with linseed oil. This way the handles will keep their looks, won’t dry out and dirt will not stick to the wood. Even the stainless steel parts can be treated with linseed oil, that way dirt will also not stick to the blade of a spade, rakes or hand tools.

How to maintain your tools in 4 steps: 

STEP 1: Clean them

First remove pieces of dirt and rust with a hard brush (see maintenance kit). This is important to stop the spreading of any diseases. When you have steel tools  you can also treat the larger blades with rough sandpaper. This is not necessary for stainless steel tools.

STEP 2: Sharpen

A sharp spade is a pleasure to work with. Use decent tool sharpeners. Only sharpen the sloping cutting edge and keep the angle of the sloping part.

Tip: Never sharpen our tools with electric sharpeners. High temperatures will develop which may change the quality of the material.

STEP 3: Oil

Smear the blade and wooden handles with a thin layer of cooked linseed oil. Then store the cloth with linseed oil away in an air-tight can to prevent the cloth from catching fire.

STEP 4: Storage

This is the biggest challenge for most gardeners. But remember, the better you take care of your tools the longer they will last. Keep tools with wooden handles dry after using them, out of the sun and be careful with extreme temperatures and variations of humidity. Keep out of the reach of children.

It’s an honour to supply the worlds best garden tools for you and it is our wish that you enjoy them for a long long time.

“Good Garden Tools are like best friends- not easy to find, but if you have them they will last a lifetime.”


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Sneeboer Maintenance Kit

The Sneeboer maintenance kit keeps all quality hand-forged stainless steel tools in perfect health no matter the garden soil types and conditions! The Sneeboer tool kit consists of linseed oil, a special sharpener, and wire brush. These are the essential products for keeping your Sneeboer tools in tip-top condition – from the top of the handle to the tip of the blade. The oil is used for wiping ash and cherry handles and is also particularly useful for cleaning and coating carbon steel Sneeboer tools. Use the sharpener to keep an edge on bladed tools like the transplanting trowel, there’s also a multi-use wire brush for effective cleaning and a cloth for the linseed-oil. If you’re planning to purchase a Sneeboer tool or are lucky enough to own a shed full already, get the Sneeboer maintenance kit on your shopping list asap.

Own the maintenance Kit

Quality craftsmanship to own for years

When you invest in quality garden tools you want them to last and these Sneeboer garden tools will do just that. Proudly owned over time these durable tools prove it’s often more cost effective to spend that little bit more, especially when they reward you every time they are used too.
That’s why these tools are so highly valued by demanding gardeners who choose both durability and craftsmanship. The steelwork comes with a 10 year guarantee but if you look after these tools they will reward you for many more years to come.

As pointed out in a famous quote from Arie Sneeboer who founded the company in 1913 “One who once has held a Sneeboer tool in his hands never wants anything else.”

Enjoy your quality garden tools from Creeper & Knotweed.

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