The Story of Creeper & Knotweed

Suddenly in 2014 events conspired to change my life forever…

In trying to recover from a major illness I eventually made my arduous way into the garden, one step at a time and all of them uphill! 
It was only then though, after I had sat a while on my favourite Lutyens garden bench, did I begin to comprehend just why I had spent so much of my time and effort gardening there in all those years before.

How I appreciated to be with nature at that time, to be able to just sit and absorb the garden.
The acers planted when they were so very young and my favourite hostas to which I had given so much care, the colours in everything from the grass up to the sky, the sound of birds singing, buzzing of bees, the gentle breeze and the slightly intoxicating smell of it all.
I had never before realised or appreciated that the garden was so incredibly therapeutic, it seemed so far away from the hospital wards and bland treatment rooms so devoid of nature.

Perhaps then, it was at this moment that the seed was sown for what was to become Creeper & Knotweed.
A true understanding and appreciation of the garden and all that is genuinely great about it. 

Steve Lupton

And so the story of Creeper and Knotweed really begins with some life changing events and the love of gardening, which is essentially the inspiration for this, our gardening gifts website where you will find a cultivated range of the best gardening gifts

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With a little effort on our part the garden rewards us greatly with it’s natural beauty, providing tangible pleasure for our senses, seeing and smelling our gardens thrive and grow daily. What can be better than growing our own flowers and vegetables, trees and shrubs and subsequently maybe eating our own produce, fresh from the garden. As we give to the garden so it brings out the best in us and rewards in many ways.

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