Where can I find Quality Gifts For Gardeners?

A trowel wrapped in brown paper as a gift from Creeper & Knotweed

So where can I find quality gifts for gardeners?

Right here at Creeper & Knotweed! Actually it’s a question that we found ourselves asking whilst searching for a gardening gift. We simply wanted to find something of quality in our search, something that would show up with wonderful gifts for gardeners, but quite amazingly we found this to be more than a little difficult. The web seemed full of souvenir type gifts, many of which looked like cheap imports, you know the sort of thing. Ok we could find the odd thing here and then something on another site and so on, but it was seemingly far too difficult and time consuming.
This coupled with our backgrounds in retailing, photography, graphics and web design, our love of gardening plus a significant life changing event all ultimately led to the idea of creating a single website where a person could visit and find some lovely gardening gifts, all under one roof. Everything seemed to fit so after a lot of hard work and determination here it is ‘Creeper & Knotweed’… the result of our deep digging and of cultivating a great range of quality gifts for gardeners. (See our Story)

Choose from a quality range of gardening gifts

So now whether you are looking for a simple present for a gardener like our Bookmarks or perhaps even a stylish Deckchair with gorgeous fabric choices as a gardening gift for yourself or friends, you can choose from a great quality range of our gardening gifts at Creeper & Knotweed.
Some items like a small range of garden related Fine Art are exclusive to Creeper & Knotweed. Some gifts can be personalised for that special person or event like perhaps a special birthday or maybe a wedding, christening etc. so it’s well worth paying a visit for a gift that is special for a gardener or for anyone interested in gardening.

Those who love gardening but also enjoy life

We recognise at Creeper & Knotweed that gardeners also do other things than gardening, so with that in mind you will find one or two gifts that will appeal to those who love gardening but also enjoy life! Were especially thinking of the excellent range of skincare products on offer in the store, amongst these wonderfully natural products you will find something suitable for those that enjoy gardening but also have other interests or just perhaps would like a little pampering.

Want to have even more fun in the garden? Creeper & Knotweed have this covered too with a range of high quality handmade wooden tree swings, some of which can also be personalised making them not only the ideal gift for a gardener, but also making a real feature and statement in the garden.

Our Charity Donation 

Creeper & Knotweed are truly unique, with the style and presentation of the website, with having such a collection of high quality gifts for gardeners and for donating an average of 5% of all sales to The Christie Charitable Fund in Manchester, a registered charity for helping those who suffer with Cancer.

Adding to our range of gardening gifts

We are adding to the Creeper & Knotweed range of gardening gifts on a constant basis, so it’s well worth checking back to find that special gift or present for gardeners in our gardening emporium. Find out more about us here.