Why our Garden Gifts just keep Giving


When we say our garden gifts just keep giving it’s because we hope that every gift we sell gives a special meaning, a warmth and enjoyment for both those that give and those that receive. Of course many customers will purchase something for their own needs and we know our products will not disappoint. We hope our gifts for gardeners will keep giving in every way for years. Actually we believe gardeners tend to be what you might call a savvy lot, sure you will agree, they know what’s good value and what is not! At Creeper & Knotweed we’re very keen gardeners so we completely understand what other gardeners are looking for, hopefully we’re quite savvy too!

Our Great Expectations

We have a few values which in some respect may be considered rather Victorian, in our case this simply means that every gardening gift we sell must pass our great expectations!  Put simply, we strive for quality in all aspects to ensure our customers receive the best possible product in terms of quality and service. It should be a pleasure to buy and a real joy when the item arrives.

The need for quality gardening gifts

Right from the start in our gardening gifts emporium it’s evident that we’re not like some of the other sites. We’re not some big retailer just after a quick pound or something that has evolved into something else which is trying to sell anything cheap associated with gardening. We’re here because of the love of gardening and the need for quality gardening gifts all under one roof, our experience in other areas makes this possible. You can read ‘The Story of Creeper & Knotweed’ and for more detailed info. about us.

We put ourselves in your wellies

Our philosophy is to put ourselves in your wellies. We imagine what we would like to enrich our own lives, presents and gifts to excite and to be enjoyed which are ideal for the garden enthusiast and those that love gardening.

We know what it’s like from our own experience to have our high hopes dashed when you order something online and when it arrives it’s just a load of junk! Rest assured when you buy from us you won’t be disappointed, we only supply items fit for purpose and that have passed our quality assessment.

Satisfaction is guaranteed at Creeper & Knotweed!

We recently ordered a new rechargeable battery leaf blower for Mr Creeper… he was so looking forward to all the benefits he read that this would bring. Only when it arrived it was little more than a glorified hair dryer but without the heat! As the leaves piled up to something like 3 or 4 high so it became impossible to move them without separating the pile. The point is we aren’t prepared to do that to our customers, satisfaction is guaranteed at Creeper & Knotweed!

We give to help Cancer Patients

We have personal experience with the dreadful disease that is cancer and unfortunately know just what this does to people’s lives.
Our pledge is to raise money to help cancer patients by donating an average of 5% of all sales to The Christie Charitable Fund in Manchester, a registered charity for helping those who suffer with cancer.