Why Choose Sneeboer Garden Tools?

We stock Sneeboer tools because they are genuinely the best and not least because our customers demand quality.
They’re also a highly appropriate product relating to  our ‘Buy less – Buy better’ policy.
These garden tools will last for years to come… Tools that have been traditionally well made by craftsmen for over 100 years.
It’s true to say old-fashioned craftsmanship is rare nowadays.
So many products are made mechanically, that’s often faster and cheaper, but not durable. Especially for products that have to take a beating, such as garden tools, this sturdiness is very important though. That’s why gardeners choose Sneeboer & Zn hand forged traditional garden tools, made by craftsmen, with a lifetime warranty.

How it’s made movie

Take a tour behind the scenes at Sneeboer.
A must see, fascinating movie showing some of the work involved in the making of our Sneeboer Tools.

Our Sneeboer
Garden Tools Collection


Our collection of garden tools, to be enjoyed and cherished by discerning gardeners.
If you appreciate quality and craftsmanship then you will understand why we are especially pleased to offer a comprehensive collection of gardening tools by the renowned Dutch manufacturer Sneeboer.

You can be sure of the highest quality with these products that are characterised by age-old traditions, made using state-of-the-art techniques. These ergonomic garden tools are entirely hand-crafted and beautifully finished. Sustainability is kept in mind as well, these traditionally crafted products are made of superior stainless steel and wood that has the FSC quality mark. Long-lasting Sneeboer products for our generation as well as for the future.

High quality garden tools made for demanding gardeners

We chose to stock Sneeboer because our customers demand quality. Not only do they want garden tools that will last for years to come, they also want tools that ease the work and make gardening as enjoyable as it used to be. “Going back to your roots”, that’s what we call it. Tools that combine the sturdiness of yesterday with smart innovations of today.

Our Sneeboer collection of tools include a range of spades, forks, trowels and hand weeders through to bulb planters, dibbers, rakes and more.
You will notice many of our smaller tools feature gorgeous Cherry Wood handles for that added quality look and feel.

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Famously good tools

We believe that Monty Don knows a good garden tool. That’s why you will often see him using his favourite Sneeboer Planting Trowel, Old Dutch Style – 27cm Ash Handle.

Gardeners will also note the frequent use of a certain Sneeboer Perennial Spade by Adam Frost on the Gardeners’ World programme.

Monty Don Adam Frost

New traditions through innovation

Sneeboer craftsmen give traditional tools a make-over by applying novel ideas. Take for example the Royal Dutch Hoe. Thanks to the teeth at the front, weeds are no longer easily pushed to the side. The ‘hooks’ at the rear eliminate the weeds on the ‘pull’ stroke. As a result, more weeds are removed with the same amount of effort as compared to a regular old-fashioned hoe. By using innovations sneeboer are building new traditions.

Our Sneeboer Tools Collection

Quality craftsmanship to own for years

When you invest in quality garden tools you want them to last and these Sneeboer garden tools will do just that. Proudly owned over time these durable tools prove it’s often more cost effective to spend that little bit more, especially when they reward you every time they are used too.
That’s why these tools are so highly valued by demanding gardeners who choose both durability and craftsmanship. The steelwork comes with a 10 year guarantee but if you look after these tools they will reward you for many more years to come.

As pointed out in a famous quote from Arie Sneeboer who founded the company in 1913 “One who once has held a Sneeboer tool in his hands never wants anything else.”

Enjoy your quality garden tools from Creeper & Knotweed.

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The Sneeboer tools in our range are all made from lightweight, corrosion-resistant stainless steel which has been carefully shaped, polished, sharpened by hand and fitted with an FSC-certified solid wood handle. Ash or Cherry wood.

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