Wildlife Conservation in Your Garden

Wildlife Conservation in Your Garden

As keen gardeners we have long believed the conservation of wildlife is a fundamental part of having a garden. Wildlife and the garden go hand in hand naturally, so why not go at least a little wild in your own garden, large or small!
Actually gardens in the UK cover about 270,000 hectares (667,000 acres) so their importance as a haven for wildlife is considerable. They provide food, shelter and breeding sites for a wide range of Britain’s wildlife species, which in turn increases the interest and enjoyment of our gardens for us. So it doesn’t matter if you are 5 or 85, we can all enjoy sharing the garden with our native wildlife, and what’s more we can actively encourage and conserve the wildlife as part of our interest in the garden.

Many people think they have to make radical changes but It isn’t difficult to encourage wildlife without compromising the way your garden looks. Perhaps a few small changes to your garden plus (most importantly) adding some of our wildlife products can bring major benefits for the creatures that call it home.  More wildlife to watch for you and your family as a result. So check out our new wildlife gift ranges as part of your implementation to help encourage wildlife into your garden, relax, smile and enjoy!

Our Wildlife Gifts for Gardeners

Creeper & Knotweed are proud to offer a new range of ‘Wildlife Gifts‘ for the gardener whilst also introducing the new ‘National Trust Range‘ of garden gifts for wildlife conservation.

As you might expect from Creeper & Knotweed, our Wildlife Garden Gifts have been developed with a strong commitment to the conservation of species. Our range of products include innovative and valuable nesting habitats and feeders for birds, mammals, amphibians and insects all providing a large benefit for garden wildlife, whilst providing a worthwhile contribution to the survival of species in both the UK and other countries.

Urban Bird Feeder £27.49

We believe that you should not try to help wildlife at the expense of wildlife – that is why we have a strong commitment to ensuring that we operate to the highest environmental standards that we can achieve with these products. The wooden items are exclusively manufactured from FSC® certified timber, which is sourced from well-managed forests and other controlled sources. These are only treated with water-based stains and sealants, using recycled materials in place of plastic and metals, where possible. So as you might expect even the packaging is from recycled cardboard. The wildlife products are tested in appropriate environments to ensure maximum suitability for wildlife.

A selection from our Wildlife range

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The National Trust range of Wildlife Gifts

Classic Copper Bird Table | National Trust £38.49

The focus really is on conservation with our new gifts for gardeners range from the National Trust and Wildlife World range of Wildlife Gardening Gifts. The range features three collections, ‘Stourhead’ is a contemporary range which is inspired by Stourhead’s 1,060 hectare countryside estate, home to a variety of wildlife including the tree sparrow and 11 out of 18 UK species of bat. Whilst the rustic ‘Wicken Fen’ range is influenced by the national Trust’s oldest nature reserve, Wicken Fen. Home to over 9,000 recorded species of bat.
The ‘Children’s Range’ is as you might expect, a gift range that is both educational and inspirational. Perfect for encouraging children to be interested in butterflies, bugs and so developing their interest in wildlife and the garden.

A selection from our National Trust Wildlife range

View The National Trust Wildlife Range Here

Encourage wildlife into your garden

Remember, you don’t have to make any major differences to your garden to attract wildlife. Even small changes can bring major benefits for the creatures that will call it home, Do your research, plant the right flowers, trees, and if possible add water, a pond is great but even perhaps if it’s a bird bath, it all helps. Select a gift from our wildlife ranges and make the perfect setting for enjoying the garden and helping to conserve all that amazing wildlife. A garden isn’t a true garden without it’s wildlife!